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Caribou Adventure was designer to meet with preferences of novice and semi advanced river kayakers. Its polyethylene hull makes it very durable and forgiving for less advanced users. The bottom part of the hull was designed as a 1:1 model built by craftsmen from north of Poland with lifelong experience. The nautical study and experience in bounding kayaks allowed to maximize the performance and maneuverability at the same time keeping very high load capacity even up to 350 kg. The upper part of the hull responds to high ergonomic requirements. A thorough research of usability was vital to the design. User’s survey showed that the actual effective angle of the hull in such a way released a significant additional space for the paddle while maintaining stability characteristic to wide river kayaks. Such geometry helps to improve novice kayakers skills faster and increases the comfort of padding.

CARIBOU Adventure 424
Sensational, authorial kayak of the Polish producer ! This is the result of Kayakzone's cooperation with renowned global designers and producers. The project was in the finals of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018 in Singapore !

Nautics is the effect of many years of experience in designing and building Polish Producer of sea composit premium kayaks WIG KAYAKS well recognized in Europe. Modeling of the bottom for manual processing from scratch in 1:1 composite technology.

The final design is achievement of many months works of Polish young and creative product designers. Materials and finish details are the of world-class quality.
It is a kayak without compromise and any production savings, worth at least double price than proposed by us.

Technical details:
Length: 428 cm
Width: 81 cm
Weight: 37-41 kg
Load optimal capacity: 350 kg
Load volume: 520 liters (stern locker 60liters)
Internal dimensions of the cockpit rim: 220cm x 56cm
Bulkhead and baggage compartment: yes - optional
Hatch: oval 42 / 30 cm
Rudder: yes - optional
Footrests: adjustable
Cockpit depth: 32-33 cm
Bottom profile type: flat with double internal keels
Exchangeable keel protector: yes at stern
Drain plug: yes at bow
Skills of a paddler: beginner, intermediate
Purpose: a multi-day recreational trip, recreational paddlers of kayaks rental companies, families daily trips
Recommended for: tight flat rivers with obstacles, lakes,
Material: HDPE and XHDPE single-layer hard polyethylene with UV 15years warranty
Type: open-cockpit
Seats and backrests: ergonomic, folding backrests, sliding seats, all with thick soft foam cushions
Extra sit for a child: yes - optional with soft foam cushion and various places to install inside the kayak

Available 3 versions:
-Base plus (soft cushions)
-Premium (as Base+ and bulkhead + hatch)
-Premium rudder



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